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The Real Happy Sugar

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our incredo-ble story

What if you could eat all the sweet treats you love, unconditionally?  We believe that people should not have to choose between healthy and tasty. That’s why we created a new way for us all to fully enjoy the food we love. Simply put, we made real sugar incredibly more efficient in hitting our sweet spot, which, we admit, is pretty incredible. It’s why we call it Incredo®.

how incredo® works

We started with real cane sugar, and improved its delivery to our taste buds, using a lower amount but still delivering that sweet taste. Our innovative technology enables manufacturers to finally make our favorite foods with 30%-50% less sugar while staying 100% more delicious.

We are on a mission to make the world a happier and healthier place. With the introduction of Incredo® Sugar, we can empower both delicious taste and improved
nutrition, all while curbing the overconsumption of sugar.

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sugar Value proposition

flavor facilitation

Make the “good” ingredients heroes again 

Less sugar

30% - 50%
reduction in sugar

Better Nutrition

Volume for more nutritional/functional ingredients

Clean ingredients and great taste

Made from real cane/beet sugar: same taste profile as sugar


More environmentally friendly

Check out the impact that Incredo® makes on your favorite sweet Treats

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No palm oil
less 48%
Less total added sugars
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2x more Hazelnuts
30% of your daily recommended fiber intake in 2 tbsps
Compared with leading hazelnut spread brand
hazelnuts and spread


Less sugar
12g fiber per serving! (serving size 30g)
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Vegan option
Compared with leading gummy bear brand
gummy bears


6g of protein per serving size (vs 1g per leading brand)
4x the fiber
(3% daily value vs 11%)
Less added sugar
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Gluten free capabilities
• Compared with the leading chocolate chip cookie brand
chocolate chip coiokies


less 50%
Less added sugar
8g of fiber per serving size*
(vs 1g by leading brand)
Serving size of 1 bar =43g
Compared with leading milk chocolate brand
milk chocolate


Our experience working with the Incredo-Sugar team was stellar. We had specific goals in mind with our products - utilize highly innovative food technology and the best natural ingredients with key functional benefits to positively disrupt the status quo in regards to taste, nutrition and impact. Incredo brought their food science expertise alongside their non-GMO cane sugar technology to our products which balanced formulas perfectly and set us apart in the market.

Ira Laufer, CEO, PANGAIA Health

We’ve been working to provide a reduced-sugar chocolate offering for a long time, and when we began working with Incredo® Sugar, we knew it would be successful. Until now, we’ve only been able to offer full sugar or zero sugar products, without a sufficient offering for sugar-reduced chocolate that meets our high taste and sweetness expectations. We’re confident that our collaboration with DouxMatok is going to advance the space and we’re excited to introduce these new offerings to our network of customers.

David Meggs, Chief Operating Officer,
Blommer Chocolate Company.

At Better Nutritionals, we have always prioritized 
high-quality and nutrition with our cutting-edge formulations of gummy supplements, and we’re thrilled to work with DouxMatok and its Incredo® Sugar to uphold that commitment and innovate in the gummy category specifically. These core values are increasingly important to companies today and uphold our dedication to work with partners to develop and manufacture innovative products that prioritize
health and wellness.

Sharon Hoffman, CEO of Better Nutritionals​

When we were formulating our spreads, our priority was to make a product that is high in protein and low in sugar, as those are qualities that our wellness-minded customers are looking for. We also knew we were looking to stay totally natural and not compromise on taste or texture. We wanted to provide customers a spread with a good level of sweetness that was also able to remove the red sticker (part of the Israeli food health regulation system) for high sugar content, and thanks to Incredo, we were able to do just that. The Incredo solution was perfect because it gives the power-packed punch of high protein, low sugar, and totally natural.

Gil, CEO of Pangaea

In crafting these cookies we were looking to be completely red sticker free for all areas – salt, fat and sugar. Incorporating Incredo Sugar allowed us to achieve this, and still maintain a delicious flavor with the real sweet taste of sugar and no unwanted after tastes or negative effects.

Alon Oren, Owner, Shmarim Tal

As a chef mesmerized by the power of flavor and the experience of taste, I was thrilled that Incredo Sugar proved to be an ingredient that delivered on both. As I began testing recipes and concepting a new cookie, it became clear to me that an ingredient like Incredo has the ability to change how we think about and use sugar forever – for the better.

Incredo® Sugar is a game changer when it comes to curbing overconsumption of sugar. Its sugar reduction solution can reduce added sugar without sacrificing taste, which frees up room to add back beneficial nutrients into a variety of foods. As both a mom who needs to feed a growing family of five, and a dietitian always on the hunt for healthy and balanced food recommendations, I’m so excited that consumers now can continue to eat what they love while improving their health at the same time.

Erin Palinski-Wade
Registered Dietitian,
Nutrition & Diabetes Expert
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At Maison Kayser, we have always strived to create both delicious and creative products. We hold traditions close, but are always looking to surprise our customers with delicious new creations. For one of our seasonal favorites – a Hanukkah donut – we worked with Incredo® Sugar to create a mouthwatering pistachio filling that had half the amount of sugar. We were so impressed. The filling is more delicious than any we had tasted. It really is incredible!

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Yoan Smadja
Maison Kayser Israel - CEO 
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When I use Incredo® Sugar, technically I work exactly like I work with traditional sugar, but I can use much less. I know I’m not compromising the taste nor the health! Incredo® sugar will change how we bake, and it will change the world as well.

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Estella M. Belfer
Pastry Chef and Chocolatier
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We were early advocates of Incredo® Sugar’s innovative solution and we saw the possibilities from the day we were invited behind the curtain and into their lab to discover, learn, and experiment with small quantities of sugar. We’re thrilled to now be launching chocolate chip biscuits made with Incredo Sugar, with only 10g of sugar per 100g and no artificial sweeteners. A sweet step for the future of food, a sweeter step for mankind. 

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Roy Wolf
VP Matzot Aviv
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Our mission as bakers is to share with the world that it is possible to have healthy and nutritious baked goods that are also delicious. Incredo® Sugar allows us to do just that. We are excited to continue expanding our partnership with Incredo® Sugar and explore innovative ways to serve our customers better-for-you products.

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DVG Vegan Cookies
DVG photo
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Incredo® Sugar enables not only a healthier option for our consumers, but it enhances the flavor of our baked goods. Our vegan chocolate chip cookie made with Incredo® Sugar has inspired us to test more new and exciting flavors, in an effort to provide sweets that instill happiness and reduce the global sugar footprint at the same time.

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Moshe Ahuvi,
CEO and Founder
Piece of Cake Bakery 
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Time for incredo®

Our Incredo® Sugar was recognized with a special mention as one of the best inventions by Time Magazine 2020!

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