Fact 1

The recommended daily intake of sugar is 6-9 teaspoons, while the average American consumes 17-19 teaspoons of sugar a day. That’s over double the recommended intake and sums up to 6,200-6,900 teaspoons a year!

Fact 2

The indigenous people of New Guinea were the first to domesticate sugar cane. Thousands of years later Brazil is the biggest producer of sugar and India has the highest consumption rate of sugar worldwide.

Fact 3

Next time you send your kids trick or treating, know that the average kid consumes 16 times the maximum recommended daily intake on Halloween. That’s quite the sugar rush.

Fact 4

A long list of countries have already implemented tax on sugar. To name a few: Chile, Peru, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Malaysia, Hungary, Thailand and India.
Who hasn’t? Canada!”

Fact 5

It’s time you knew how much sugar your typical milk chocolate bar contains. Ready for the truth? It’s more than 50%. Now, let that sink in.

Fact 6

If teaspoons weren’t named after the drink they’re used in but instead after the amount of sugar they contain, they would be called the ‘4.2 gram spoons‘

Fact 7

If there was a competition between dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate as to which contains the highest amount of sugar, white chocolate would win the gold medal.

Fact 8

In 2019 the entire world consumed 171.8 million metric tons of sugar. That’s the cumulative weight of 28.6 million African bush elephants.

Fact 9

In 2019 in the USA alone, 11 million metric tons of sugar were consumed. That’s 54,000 times the total weight of The Statue of Liberty in NYC.

Fact 10

Only in 2020 was it made compulsory in the U.S to list the “added amount of sugar Xgr” on the nutritional table. Well, it’s never too late to do a good thing

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