What is Incredo® Sugar?

A sugar reduction solution based on real cane or beet sugar. Incredo® Sugar allows for 30-50% reduction in sugar depending on the food application, without compromising on taste, and with the opportunity to improve the nutritional profile.

How does Incredo® Sugar work?

We load sugar molecules onto a large surface mineral to form clusters that release to the sweet taste receptors, resulting in an increased perception of sweetness.

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Why should we reduce sugar consumption?

Overconsumption of sugar is the cause of many illnesses.
Facts about overconsumption of sugar and obesity:
• 39% of all adults worldwide are overweight
• 42% of the U.S. population is obese
• The average American consumes 17-19 tsp of sugar per day. That’s over double the recommended intake.
• People with BMI>40 are nearly three times greater risk of dying from COVID19, than those of normal weight
• 13.7 million Children and Adolescents (18.5%) are obese in the US
• More than 34 million Americans have diabetes (about 1 in 10), and approximately 90-95% of them have type 2 diabetes
• An estimated $149 billion is spent annually on health issues associated with obesity.
Gaining weight is a consumer’s first health concern, often related to the over consumption of sugar. However, taste is still the number one driver in food purchase decisions. Reducing sugar while keeping the sweetness, taste and texture is the best way to curb overconsumption.

Can I use it like regular sugar?

If high-water activity applications are avoided (such as beverages), Incredo® Sugar behaves similarly to regular sugar. It may be used for baking, spreads, confectionary, chocolates, bars and snacks.

What is the caloric value?

Incredo® Sugar contains the same calories as regular cane or beet sugar, 4 calories per gram.

Is it an artificial sweetener?

Incredo® Sugar is not an artificial substitute and there is no compromise on taste or texture.

What is the shelf life of Incredo® Sugar?

Incredo® Sugar has a 2 year shelf life, the same shelf life as traditional white sugar. Ideal temperature is between 16-21 °C [61°F-70°F] with relative humidity of 40-50%.

Can I use it in my coffee?

Incredo® Sugar is a great solution for solid applications, such as cookies and spreads. Incredo® Sugar does not work in beverages and at this time is only being sold to food manufacturers and food services.

Is Incredo® Sugar GMO-Free?

Yes! Incredo® Sugar is GMO-Free. However, final formulations of products made using Incredo® Sugar are ultimately up to our partners.

Does it have any synthetic ingredients?

No. Incredo® Sugar was developed using sustainable green chemistry.

Is it a sugar substitute?

No. Incredo® Sugar is in fact made of real cane or beet sugar.

Is it Kosher or Halal certified?

Yes. We are Kosher and Halal certified

Is it good for diabetics?

Although Incredo® Sugar allows you to consume up to 50% less sugar to achieve the same sweet taste, we are still made of real sugar. Before consuming sweets containing Incredo® Sugar, you should always check with your doctor.

How is it different than stevia?

Stevia is a high intensity sugar substitute based on molecules extracted from the stevia leaf or enzymatically hydrolyzed and processed into a powder. Incredo® Sugar is a sugar-based sugar reduction solution. This is the reason Incredo® Sugar does not have any aftertaste - it delivers only the taste you know and love!

Does it contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives?

No! Incredo® Sugar is free of any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It’s 100% natural. However, final formulations of products made using Incredo® Sugar are ultimately up to our partners.

Is Incredo® Sugar patented?

Yes! Incredo® Sugar has been granted 24 patents and 44 are pending.

Is Incredo Sugar® FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) compliant?

Yes, Incredo® Sugar is FDA and EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) compliant.

Is Incredo® Sugar safe?

Yes, Incredo® sugar, made from real sugar molecules, behaves and metabolizes like a regular sugar. Our sugar is fully compliant with U.S FDA and EU European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) regulations.